Revenue & Profit Enhancement

The Center for Business Collaboration can fill the gap in resources and research how to enhance revenue and increase profit margin.

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Business Model
& Service Design

There is a well-known pattern small companies face as to how to move beyond the constraints of being small and position themselves to manage growth.

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Business Practice Implementation

Establishing a new business practice, such as account management, a call center, quality control systems, a field sales capability, or human resource department.

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Business Process Improvement

The Center for Business Collaboration will build a simulation and obtain analytics needed to identify areas of potential optimization in effort hours, resources, and lower cost.

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Lean Sigma Implementation

We encourage leaders to identify a very specific pain point to attack.

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Project Management

Our approach to Project Management, when it is decided that utilizing Agile Management is not preferred or the appropriate approach, is to take an initiative and build it out in Smartsheet.

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Values Understanding

Collaboration Process

The Breaking the Performance Barrier Process™ is designed to foster a deep level of collaboration between organizations. Collaboration between organizations has a limited opportunity to succeed if three significant values aligned with the phases of the process are not internalized by each person involved.

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"Collaboration is vital to sustain what we call profound or really deep change, because without it, organizations are just overwhelmed by the forces of the
Status quo." 

Peter Senge

Author of The Fifth Discipline and Learning Organizations

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