Market Segments

Our market segments were chosen specially for organizations in transition, such as new business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and employee ownership. We also knew collaboration capabilities would be the primary factor of success with partnerships, community and non-profit initiatives, government and education challenges, and of course within the competitive environment of private and public corporations.


Business Start-Ups normally don't have enough resources, nor enough financial capacity to hire the people to help build out business practices required to advance their business model. Some examples are technology infrastructure, market-driven strategies, development of the end-to-end processes for daily business transactions, or establishing a network of partners to support their growth requirements. The Center for Business Collaboration can fill that gap at a price point based on the ongoing success of the business versus high consulting cost being loaded onto the business early on.


The Center for Business Collaboration specializes in developing strategic partnerships to allow separate entities to build an alliance, acting as one organization for the purpose of gaining the capability to expand market share and mutually beneficial economic results.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions present extreme challenges at every level to become a new organization. The Center for Business Collaboration is very focused on supporting very specific critical requirements to integrate people and practices to achieve significant collaborative results.


Organizations deciding to become an employee-owned company by way of an ESOP have one of the most wonderful opportunities to share the advantages and burdens of ownership. The Center for Business Collaboration stands ready to maximize this kind of transition and help organizations to develop the skills and knowledge to bring about an ownership culture.

Government & Education

Our Government and educational institutions have faced systemic challenges without resolution for decades. In many ways, the processes used to develop solutions are not designed for problem-solving. The Center for Business Collaboration brings a set of methods and tools designed to research, diagnose, define the dynamics, and develop solutions for an issue. And by doing so, facilitate the critical thinking versus positional thinking to reach a mutual agreement.

Communities &

Communities and non-profits can never succeed without bridging the gap for many stakeholders in order to achieve the desired result. The Center for Business Collaboration can foster the required outcomes while building the skills and knowledge needed to sustain continued success within the parties involved.

Private & Publicly-Owned Companies

Our primary target of services is designed to affect small to medium sized organizations. Although we have customers who generate billions in revenue we usually narrow the scope of what we will take on to avoid competing with large consulting firms. We focus on high-impact challenges with multiple players requiring collaboration to achieve very specific results instead of broad based initiatives.

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